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Queen Elizabeth 2 - Ban-righ Elasaid dha

 Launched by her Majesty the Queen from John Browns Shipyard on the 20th September 1967, she raced her way into becoming the last Transatlantic liner, the fastest vessel in the world and the furthest travelled vessel in the world.

 Before she entred the River Clyde from John Browns yard, she was known simply as 'Job 736', and was officially names as Queen Elizabeth the second, but unbeknown to Cunard, the present queen was only Scotland's first Queen Elizbeth, and her name was soon changed to RMS Queen Elizabeth 2, but she is known better as simply QE2. In her 41 years of service, she has smashed many records. She has became the fastest merchant ship in operation, travelled over 6 million miles, further than any other vessel in the world and operated as a troop carrier. She's crossed the Atlantic 806 times, carried 2.5 million passengers and visited her home port of Southampton over 700 times.


At a huge 963 feet, she is quite easily the greatest ever Clydebuilt vessel and is widely regarded as the most famous ship in the world. Sadly in June of 2007, it was announced by Cunard that the great QE2 had been sold to Nakheel Properties of Dubai for $100 million. She left Southampton on 11th November 2008, after one final transatlantic, round Britain and Caribean cruise. She finally arrived in Dubai on Wednesday 26th November 2008 and was officialy handed over to Nakheel the following day. The Queen's final visit to the ship was in the port of Southampton on Monday 2nd June, 5 months prior to her leaving service.

 The QE2's most notable feature is arguably both her funnel and foghorns, her foghorns being claimed to have been heard several miles away.

 The RMS Queen Elizabeth 2, like Concorde, is a symbol of the 1960's. QE2, howevere, had a much harder job, because when she travelled to New York City, her journey took 5 days longer than the Concorde aircraft.

 On her penultimate and final visit home to the river of her birth, the Clyde, she was under the control of Captain Ian McNaught, who had been maser since 2003 and crew master before that. When she arrived in Dubai, her new master became Captain R Warwick, who was previously master on the ship for many years.

 The majority of QE2 enthusiasts are upset that there much loved cruise ship is being torn apart and treated like she is by her new owners. The editor of this site is extremely dissapointed that this Clyde legend is being treated as badly as she is and is very angry at the fact she will come out of her refurishment looking like her newer ex-fleet mate, the Queen Mary 2.

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